VRC - Compliance Virtual Resource Center

ATCP extends our trade compliance expertise to as a member benefit to existing members as well as public inquiry in an effort to provide a reasonable care demonstration for members of the trade community who seek advisory comment, interpretation, guidance and possible consultation.

The role of the Virtual Resource Center is to provide time efficient guidance on trade compliance issues facing members of the trade community as a demonstration of ATCP Association Excellence.

The Process

The process includes a centralized platform that receives trade inquiries through our website platform as an email inquiry. Each inquiry is time and date stamped for recordation and response. Our team of compliance professionals will sort each request with an assignment delegation to an industry subject matter team of experts delegated to the responsibility of review and response.

ATCP understands there may exist time sensitive issues linked to compliance inquiries that may be flagged at the time of submission as “Time sensitive” which will prompt a response within 48 hours from the time of receipt. All other inquires will be responded to as a “General Timed Response” on average within 5 days from the time receipt. Any inquiries that require investigation and diligence research will be detailed in the response with an explanation of additional time being required.

Inquiries that require additional diligence, legal counsel or elevated compliance advisory comment inclusive of escalated research will be referred to our trade compliance response center for direct communication with trade members who submitted such inquiries.

How to Submit a Request

Trade members will login to the ATCP website and submit an inquiry.